2019 Recap Flyer

2019 Annual Recap

Cal’s Angels had a very exciting 2019 year! The programs that we have in place have grown tremendously, allowing us to serve more families and children battling cancer. However, we know there is A LOT more to be done!

Wish Granting Program Cal’s Angels provides a $1,000 wish to a child battling cancer. We granted 237 wishes in 2019, increasing by 10% from the previous year. Our goal is to eventually implement a “Family Wish” program so all of the siblings in the family receive a gift and not just the sick child. It weighs heavily on us knowing that siblings can feel forgotten or left out. We know cancer affects the entire family.

Awareness Program Our commitment to the families we help is to bring awareness to the Pediatric Cancer gold ribbon. This program saw the most growth in 2019, proving that our surrounding communities want to help make a difference in the lives of children with cancer. Participation in schools grew from 14 to 31 High Schools Going Gold to raise awareness for pediatric cancer. Many businesses, municipalities, and organizations also participated during Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month (September), by displaying ribbons, holding fundraisers, and wearing gold attire.

Cal’s Angels Drug Discovery Fund This has been a very exciting year for Cal’s Angels, we announced a commitment of $1 million dollars to Lurie Children’s Hospital for the purchase of a drug discovery robot! This robot will help screen drugs in a clinical trial with the goal of developing protocols that are more productive and less toxic to children. We are committed to helping find a cure for pediatric cancer.

12 Days of Christmas Program We helped 40 families with children fighting cancer under special circumstances with a total of 121 kids in 2019! Unfortunately, this was an increase from the years prior. We have comfort in knowing that we helped relieve the burden of the holidays for these families, allowing them to focus on family and holiday experiences. 12 Oaks Sibling Assistance Program This activities assistance program provides families funding for extracurricular activities for their child receiving treatment and/or siblings. It was implemented in 2018 and already doubled in 2019, providing assistance to over 100 children. It is designed to maintain some sort of normalcy within the household unit during times of treatment.

Fantasy Flight Program In partnership with United Airlines, Cal’s Angels flew 220 passengers to the “North Pole!” Upon arrival, they enter Santa’s Workshop with toys, activities and a holiday feast. The day is nothing short of magical for the kids, siblings, and parents!

Cal’s Comfort Kits This bag is provided to families upon diagnosis, providing all the essentials to make their hospital stays more comfortable. In 2019, we have continued to develop our relationships with all the Chicagoland hospitals, providing even. more comfort kits to families.

Hospital Parties and Dinners Cal’s Angels continues to host monthly hospital parties and dinners at Lurie Children’s Hospital with pizza, toys, crafts, and lots of fun for the patients being treated for cancer. Additionally, we have added quarterly parties at the other 6 Chicagoland hospitals that treat pediatric cancer.


As you can see, we have a lot of programs in place to help bring joy to children fighting cancer, but it doesn’t seem to be enough! We are driven to help the child AND their siblings so the entire family can maintain normalcy in a world that has been turned upside down. Our commitment is to continue improving and advancing our current programs, reaching more families, and ultimately helping to find a cure for pediatric cancer!

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