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“Chase was filled up”


Chase survived his initial ATRT diagnosis in 2012 and was just diagnosed with papillary thyroid carcinoma after a routine MRI caught cancer in his thyroid (1/8/2019). He had surgery to remove the complete thyroid at the end of February and found out that cancer spread to his lymph nodes.

After this new diagnosis, Chase was granted a second wish by Cal's Angels. He wished for an iPod Touch for not only himself but for his three siblings. Chase wanted to play games with his siblings and interact with them – and he really liked the idea of being able to give them something special – like granting a wish for them too via Cal's. So we set Chase and his family up with an amazing experience in partnership with ABT Electronics. At Cal's Angels we try to include siblings as much as possible, they are in this battle too! Chase, thank you for showing your siblings and all of us how important they are.

Chase's mom shared her experience with us: “Thank you again for all your hard work on this wish! The kids had an absolute blast last night and said it was the most special thing ever. I was up until after midnight, setting up their accounts and sharing apps, etc, but SO worth it because they were all up early and started messaging each other. Chase's first text to his siblings – “I love you.” It was heart-filling and empowering. Chase was filled up being able to do this for his siblings.” 

Ellie, Chase's Mom
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