Cancer at just 2 1/2 years old.

In April of 2015 when Elijah was 2 1/2 years old, he went to the doctor for some random symptoms of bruising, pale skin, and blue lips. 3 hours later the life-changing phone call was made that Liz and Dominic were to drop what they were doing, pack their bags, and head to the hospital right away because their son had cancer. For three and a half years Elijah endured countless tests, needle pokes, crying, puking, and sleepless nights. He took over 4,000 chemo pills, had 2 surgeries, 83 blood draws, 11 ER visits and was sedated 21 times to have chemo put into his spinal fluid. He has been through more than any kid should have to go through, but has done it with bravery and strength! In July he finally finished his treatments and is feeling great!!! He still goes monthly for a blood draw and takes that needle in his hand like an absolute champ! The Sepich family's lives will forever be changed after Elijah's cancer diagnosis.

The worry about late-term side effects and that cancer will come back will be there forever. The whole family is incredibly grateful to Cal's Angels for all the fun events that have brought them joy, as well as their tireless work being done to go to war against pediatric cancer. No one should have to go through a cancer diagnosis, especially a child, and Cal's Angels is working hard to make that a reality!

At age 2 1/2, Elijah was diagnosed with ALL-Pre B Cell.

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