An infectious smile, amazing spirit and huge heart.

Meet Olivia, “Liv”, with her infectious smile, amazing spirit and a huge heart. Olivia was traveling with her family in Poland in August 2018 when her tumor was discovered. Her official diagnosis of stage 4 Wilms tumor was on August 24th and is a day her family will never forget. “Our journey with Cal's Angels started literally from that same day. These really nice people gave us huge hugs, a Comfort Kit containing things we could really use while inpatient and most of all a sense of strength. The “you got this vibe” when you're so numb and scared you can't think straight was much needed,” said Liv's mom Cindy.

Liv had her right kidney removed, graft for her vena cava, and lung tissue removed. After her first treatment plan, she was hoping for clear scans in April 2019. Unfortunately, her fight continues and she is in treatment currently projected to complete in the Fall. Olivia loves to dance and has been trained since she was 2 years old. Her favorite styles are jazz and contemporary. She also sings, loves art, and she has her own YouTube channel to help kids stay positive and raise awareness. At school, she is an excellent student and loves competing in DECA!

Liv recently went with friends to see Billie Eilish perform for her Cal's wish. “The concert was a few days after treatment with her new protocol and luckily she felt the best she had in days and was a true teenager that night! The gift of the concert was amazing, the ‘GIFT' of CAL'S ANGELS is priceless! We Love Cal's!“ exclaimed Cindy.

Liv was diagnosed with Stage 4 Wilms tumor.

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