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Mason is a fighter.

“Thank you so much for everything. I will never forget the first day Mason had chemo. They were bringing so many different papers to sign, Educators were coming in to explain what to expect (I do not even remember what they said) and then the Child Life Specialist came in with a few things and a large blue bag with Cal's Angels written a cross it. I had no clue what we were in store for.

Mason did not handle his first round of chemotherapy too well and I remember feeling numb and helpless inside. We drove home that night (which was a nightmare-in the middle of rush hour with Mason throwing up and telling dad to “hurry.”) When we finally go home Mason went right to bed. He was up throwing up all night and I was so scared because we had to go back the next day for Round 2. The second day we came home and we opened the Cal's Angels bag and to our pleasant surprise everything we needed was right there. Who would have known that Cling Wrap Press and Seal would be our lifesaver for the next several months? The blue blanket kept my son warm in the hospital and at home during recovery. There were so many things that were helpful during our stay at Luries. The first day of chemo we were not ready or prepared but the days after we were because of the Cal's Angels care bag.

Cal will never be forgot in my families' heart because the caring and kindness that his foundation has brought to our family during this difficult time. Mason has ganglioneuroblastoma and chemotherapy was not helpful. They were only able to surgically remove part of his tumor. There is no other treatment out there at this time so we wait and see – scans and labs done every 3 months. (Long story short, tumor will continue to grow BUT the cancer is less likely to spread. The tumor is in his chest encased around his aorta and up against his spine – causing scoliosis.)

When we told Mason that Cal's Angels had granted him a wish! He immediately thought of a gaming computer. The past 10 months we have had to spend more time at home and Mason has used the computer to escape and relax from all that he has had to deal with these past months. So when the box arrived, and he opened it – OMG did his eyes light up and he kept saying, “No Way! Now Way!” Thank you for his generous gift! He's been so responsible with it, and always asks for permission and sticks to his allowed computer time. He has definitely grown up a lot in the past 10 months, matured and respects things in life more. Thanks again for such a special gift and making so many children smile. We did not know Cal, but I know he would be so proud of his organization and the work you all do for children with cancer.”

Cindie & Lee Anderson (Mason’s Parents)
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