Cal’s Angels is proud to provide PILLOW of HEALTH HUG ONE, GIVE ONE Pillows!

Cal’s is extremely fortunate to be able to pass out PILLOW of HEALTH® Kids Pillows during our hospital parties and other events.


The kids pillows are perfect for cancer-fighting kids and their families, and we knew by partnering with PILLOW of HEALTH® we could spread even more joy during our hospital parties. The pillows are hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, & antimicrobial, which are all extremely important for a fragile cancer-fighting immune system. They are soft and warm on one side and cool and moisture wicking on the other – perfect for kids undergoing cancer treatment and the fabric is gentle enough to not irritate or harm a child’s delicate skin or head. Parents love that they can be washed and dried as much as needed.  The kids are so happy to receive their pillows and pick out their favorite color to brighten their hospital room. Thanks to the generosity of the PILLOW of HEALTH®  we can continue to provide these amazing pillows during our hospital parties!

Hospital Party & Fantasy Flight Donations

“They provide these absolutely gorgeous, comfortable, wonderful pillows to our patients, they are really, really soft on one side and moisture-wicking on the other, which makes for the perfect accessory for when our patients are stuck in the hospital…it’s a colorful distraction in a sterile environment. We so appreciate everything Pillow of Health does for our patients and families here at Lurie Childrens.”
- Jessica Merar, Special Events and Donations Coordinator at Lurie Children's Hospital
“If I could only bring one thing to the hospital with me, it would be my pillow!”

“Thank you so much for all the pillows you donate to the kids through Cal’s they love them!! Thank you for blessing our life with comfort!!”

– Rosie & Joanne Colucci
“We’re able to provide these bright, cozy, pillows to kids in hospitals who are diagnosed with cancer. I love how these pillows brighten their rooms and provide comfort, and the parents are relieved to find out the pillow is hypoallergenic and completely washable — so important for these kids!”
- Stacey Sutter, Cal’s Angels Co-Founder, President
“My dad sent my purple pillow downstairs at the hospital to be washed and it went missing. Luckily, PILLOW of HEALTH was there that day and gave me a new pillow. This is my favorite pillow and it’s my favorite color, purple!”
Savannah, Age 8