The decision to pledge money to grant a wish to a child with cancer was easy.  The decision of who to grant it to was hard as there were so many children who needed it.  Our family picked a 10 year old boy, Ernest.  How awful for a 10 year old to endure cancer.  We needed to grant our wish quickly as Ernest was not doing well and was going to need a transplant sooner rather than later.

We met with Ernest and his family before Christmas.  What a great way to teach my boys about the spirit of Christmas!  Ernest wanted a laptop so he could communicate with his family and friends when he was in the hospital undergoing his bone marrow transplant.  My boys who are 10 and 13 had already scoped out their favorite laptops and were more then happy to share this information with Ernest.  The three boys had a great time picking out a laptop with all of the bells and whistles.  After laptop shopping the boys moved on to the really important things like XBOX 360.  The boys all played games and then helped Ernest pick out a controller and some games for him to take home.  They also had to turn him on to XBOX Live so they could all play together now that they are friends!

To say that Ernest and his family were overjoyed is an understatement.  They could not believe that strangers would do something so nice.  To be honest I felt we didn’t do enough!  Being able to make a sick child happy and feel normal was such a good feeling.  Ernest had chemo the day before our outing and his mom didn’t even know if he would make it to his special day.  But there was no keeping Ernest away!   When you see a child with cancer persevering like that all of your problems really seem insignificant.

I would highly recommend pledging to grant a wish!  The experience you and your family will have is life changing. 

Nate (10 years old)

The first thing I said when we got back in the car after meeting Ernest was “Mom, I really feel good!”  Ernest is my age and I didn’t know what to expect when we met him.  What would he look like because of the cancer, what did he like to do and did he like school?  It was fun meeting Ernest.  He is just like me except he can’t do a lot of the things I get to do like play sports or go to school because he is sick.  I was glad to meet Ernest and make him happy by giving him some things he was really wishing for.  I can’t wait to play games with Ernest on XBOX Live and to see him again when he is better.

JT (13 years old)

It was fun meeting Ernest and helping him pick out a new laptop.  It was really cool, in fact, I would want one just like it.  Ernest and I played some XBOX games and had fun.  He beat me so we need a rematch.  I know it would be tough having cancer and not being able to do many of the things that I can do that is why it made me feel good to let him have some fun by playing games and hopefully forget for a short time that he has cancer.  It will be hard when he has his transplant, I know because my cousin had a bone marrow transplant 4 years ago.  I am happy that we got him the XBOX Live so that when he is in the hospital we can play with him and try to make him feel better!

Again, I would highly recommend this tremendous opportunity for any family!

The Fiedlers, John, Cheryl, JT and Nate