Fun and Therapeutic!

Three and a half-year-old Mattis is fighting leukemia. He wished for a new wooden playset.

“I would love to share some pictures with you and everyone at Cal’s Angels so you can see how much my son, Mattis, is enjoying his new playground. Not only is his playground so much fun, but also therapeutic! Mattis has worked so hard at climbing the ladder and rock wall, crawling all around the ground and elevated areas, and standing at the lookout area. Because of his new playground combined with water therapy, Mattis has very recently started standing and walking again nearly 6 months after his leukemia diagnosis! Mattis’ dad added some camouflage netting around the bottom for some shade and to give it more of a fort feel. He put some rubber mulch down so that Mattis has a soft, clean place to play and dig with all of his trucks. We also ordered a really cool sign from Amazon for another personalized touch. Thank you all so very much for your generosity in giving Mattis this wonderful gift to enjoy for many years!”

Sara – Mattis’ Mom