When we heard about Cal’s Angles several months ago, it sounded like a great organization to donate to.  As a family, we decided to make a donation for the golf event in June.  Last week, my wife Lisa told me that they were looking for a volunteer from Ferson Creek Elementary School, where she works, to grant a wish.  Without really knowing what that meant, we agreed to do this.  It was all set for Sunday, 11:00am at Best Buy for a 6 year-old girl named Destiny diagnosed with leukemia in January.  I was a bit nervous but Kate and Scott at Best Buy were tremendous.  When Destiny, her younger brother and her mother showed up, that’s when everyone kicked in.  Lisa is a teacher for special needs kids and it was just natural for her to make Destiny feel right at home.  We all went back to the electronics department and showed her the iPad.  She chose the black version and was playing games instantly.  It is amazing how quickly she caught on and was instantly playing math games, reading a book and, of course, playing Angry Birds!!  She was smiling and having a great time.  We were all thinking that this was going to be a wonderful distraction for the long trips to and from Children’s and for her treatments.  When we picked out the accessories, Destiny would look at the options, take her choice and put it in the cart!  After we had the iPad and accessories all picked out, we could not get Destiny to leave the demonstrator model for the real one that she was going to take home!

Best Buy loaded a bunch of games on the iPad and then they were on their way.  I cannot tell you just how wonderful the folks at Best Buy were as they dedicated a lot of time away from other customers to do this.  Destiny was very happy with her new iPad, although her brother was not as happy and finally decided to fall asleep!  It was truly wonderful to be able to deliver the gift from Cal’s Angels to Destiny.  When we see how little kids like Destiny are suffering, it makes you think about all the blessings that have been given to us.  This little girl is facing a tough few years and the gift that Cal’s Angels has provided will hopefully make it a little better for her.