My family and I had a very enjoyable time meeting 17 year old Aidee who is battling Stage 3A Lymphoma.  She recently relapsed and was getting ready for a stem cell transplant which began last Tuesday.  We did not know what to expect as we knew she was fighting cancer.

We got  to meet Aidee and her father Angel at the Best Buy in Addison.  We were waiting for them when the store opened.  We kept watching for a family and a girl that was very sick but, much to our surprise, she looked great but we knew that soon after our meeting she would be facing a really rough road with a stem cell transplant.

Aidee and her father came in smiling, walked up to us and asked if I was Sue.  When I responded yes, she gave me a big giant hug.  She is a beautiful girl inside and out!  She was looking for an iPad so she could keep up with her homework while she went back to Children’s Memorial for the stem cell transplant and has to be in isolation.  She cannot wait to beat this disease so she can give back to others who are fighting.  Aidee and her father want to volunteer at the hospital to help other families that are going through this.  She was one of the most spirited young ladies I have ever met.  I thought we would be in and out of the store quickly, but we spent a few hours in the store, and then all went out for a great lunch.

She has such an upbeat and positive personality and was very thankful to us for coming to meet her and granting this wish for her.  Cal’s Angels is doing such amazing things!   We were honored to be a part in helping with Aidee’s wish.  All of us are looking forward to keeping in touch with Aidee.  Thanks again to Cal’s for putting a smile on all of our faces!

Sue ~ Mom

When my mom told me we were going to do a wish for Cal’s All Star Angel Foundation I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  On that Saturday morning when we were waiting for Aidee and her family at Best Buy I kept glancing at the door.  I was vey surprised by what she looked like when she walked up to us, she looked really good.  Aidee has a great personality and every time I looked at her she had a big grin on her face.  It made me so happy to see that she was happy.  It was fun to help Aidee pick out an Ipad.  She didn’t know much about iPads so my two sisters and I told her what fun things you could do on it such as taking pictures, playing games and etc.  After we bought her iPad and case we went out to lunch.  While we were waiting for our food we were taking a bunch of funny pictures on camwow.  I had a great time meeting Aidee and her father.  I couldn’t stop looking at the big smiles on everybody’s faces.  It made me so happy to grant Aidee’s wish and to be a part of Cal’s Angel’s, I cant wait to do more wishes!

Maggie ~ 11

Getting to meet Aidee and her father, Angel, was one of the most inspirational experiences that I’ve ever had.  The fact that her and I are the same age makes me realize how easy my life is.  I complain everyday about teeny little things and she gets up everyday with a positive attitude, fighting for her life.  I was truly inspired by her positive attitude and I wish the best for her because she deserves the better of this situation.  It was great to see her and her dad’s smiling faces; they were so thankful for what we did.  It was the least we could do, and I wish I could do more.  Aidee has incredible drive and an amazing personality.  Her and I really clicked that day at Best Buy and I hope to stay in touch with her!

Kaylan ~ 17

The day of the wish we were all very excited to be there.  I, along with my family were all looking forward to meeting Aidee and her father.  We got to Best Buy super early and anxiously waited for their arrival.  Once Aidee and her father walked in, I almost looked past them because she did not look sick at all.  She was smiley and very friendly.  Her dad was also very nice and excited for his daughter that she was having a wish come true.  We all shared eye opening experiences that day as we continued to learn about this awesome girl and her family.  I think it is absolutely incredible that she is able to remain so positive through the ups and downs of the process.  That day Aidee, without even really knowing her, taught me that there will be hard obstacles in life but it really is up to you to decide how you want to go about overcoming those obstacles and continue to live a happy life.

Jordan ~ 20