Meet sweet Aiden, he is 2 years old fighting Leukemia. He wished for a Thomas the Train table and some big trucks! He loves his new trains and trucks and looks forward to coming home from the hospital to play!

“Chris came to my house first. She opened up her car and there were lots of presents inside. I found out they were for me!!! She started taking them out of the car and the presents just kept coming! I didn’t know her car could hold so much. Everything was taken into the house and I started opening them. They were Thomas the Tank Engine stuff! I love playing with them in the playroom at the hospital. Now I can play with them at home! They brought me a Thomas table, a roundhouse (it has DOORS! I LOVE doors!!!), track, and trains, and lots of other things to go with it. I had so much fun! When I opened my last package, there was a firetruck inside! I love firetrucks too! It has a siren and everything, including doors of course! It is in my new bedroom now. I love playing with all of it! I still don’t know how they knew to bring me this though. Ohhhh… maybe Santa told them!”