17 year old Carly has been battling Lymphoma for over a year and her number one wish was to go to the Bears – Panthers game on October 28th. Thanks to several friends of Cal’s with great connections, including Genevieve LeFevour from the law firm of Johnson & Bell, she got her wish making her parents and best friend Courtney some very excited game companions. Here’s what Carly had to say about her day. 
Thanks to Cal’s Angels, I was able to go to the Chicago Bears vs. Carolina Panthers football game with my parents and my best friend Courtney. I had an amazing time! I got the opportunity to go on a tour of the stadium, which was awesome. I also got to go on the field while the players were practicing, which was amazing seeing them that close! Talk about close, our seats were close to the field and on the 50 yard line! It was a close and exciting game to watch. I had so much fun and it’s all thanks to Cal’s Angels! 🙂

Thanks for everything!