Hopp Accounting & Tax Service recently supported Cal’s All-Star Angel Foundation’s “Fund A Wish” program by donating $750 at the Annual Dinner, Auction & Golf Event earlier this year. 

The result was a shopping spree at Best Buy for a 10 year old girl who has been battling leukemia for over a year.  Don Hopp and Bertha Villagomez met Stephanie and her family at Best Buy and assisted her in choosing her gifts with the more than helpful Best Buy sales folks.  Here is what they had to say about this inspiring experience.

We met Stephanie at Best Buy to take her on her shopping spree.  She is a beautiful young girl and very wise beyond her years.  Most 10 year olds are “all about me”, but not Stephanie.  She was there with her Mother and two younger sisters and, as she took her time looking for the items she wanted, she also considered what her younger sisters were interested in as well.

She was very shy and reserved but smiled a lot and listened to the explanations given by the Best Buy store representative of the different things she was interested in.

She walked away happy with a WII system, an iPod touch, several games and even extra controllers so she could play with her younger sisters.

She impressed me very much by how mature and strong she is.  I am forever grateful to have met such a brave young girl.

Bertha Villagomez