Meet Mason, 7 years old and fighting brain cancer. Julia and Michael participated in our Fund-a-Wish program at our Gala and granted Mason’s wish for an iPad! Attend our Gala on February 28th to help us grant more wishes like Mason’s!

“In November, my husband and I attended a Cals Angel’s hospital party, at Lurie Children’s. We always enjoyed helping out at the Cal’s Angels parties, but this day was different. It was this day that my husband and I met a 7 year old, blond boy named Mason Earley. He melted our heart very quickly and in speaking with his mom, we learned that it was actually Mason’s first week of treatment out of a 58 week regime. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor, Optic Pathway Gilioma, after experiencing trouble with his vision.

Once the hospital visit was over, we couldn’t stop thinking about Mason and his family. We decided that we really wanted to deliver his wish. Within a few weeks our family was off to Mason’s home, eager to deliver his wish and meet the rest of his family. When we walked in, he was still his vibrant self and was so excited to open his gifts. His parents caught us up on how well he’d been doing with his treatments and keeping up on his school work.

It didn’t take long for him to rip through the wrapping paper and uncover his new iPad. He was super excited and very thankful. Our kids helped him set it up and download some apps. They agreed that Mason is an adorable little boy and were so happy that we were able to grant his a wish.

Thank you to Cals Angels for giving us the opportunity to spread some joy to Mason and his family.”

– Michael and Julia Wohlwend