Waterpark Fun!

Four-year-old Jackson wished to go to a waterpark with this family.

“Our son, Jackson Regan, received his wish from Cal’s Angels the other weekend: spending a weekend at a waterpark with our family. I wanted to write to you because we cannot thank you enough for providing that for him and our family. Jackson had the absolute BEST time splashing in the water, going down waterslides, and floating in the lazy river (his favorite part)!! Most of all, it was such a wonderful time for him to unwind and make happy memories as a family after all he has been through this past year. This week marks a year since his diagnosis and when our worst nightmare began. I cannot tell you enough how grateful we are to Cal’s for what you did to provide the wish for Jackson; especially as we neared this year anniversary and look back on all of the things our precious son has had to endure. Granting his wish was so special and something we will always be grateful for. Thank you so much for all you do for children impacted by this terrible disease.”

Best regards,

The Regans: Frank, Jennifer, Jackson, and Olivia