Joseph had been battling leukemia for over a year when one of our “Fund-A-Wish” families from last year’s Dinner, Auction & Golf Event took him and his family to Best Buy for one of Best Buy’s awesome “Personal Shopper Experiences” to get the laptop he had been eyeing for quite some time.  Join us at this year’s Event to have the opportunity to grant your own wish for one of these brave kids – it really is a life changing experience…… is what Joseph’s mom had to say.


Dear Stacey,


My family was given the opportunity and grace by Cal’s Angels that was brought to us today.  Thank you for the great experience at Best Buy this day and to be with the Park family.  This day was an experience that brought smiles to Joseph’s face and confidence to move forward.  As I’ve told them to keep this close to our hearts for it’s like a wheel that someone will guide us.  We too keep steering so it will be on the right path for recovery to help others soon.


We’re on a tough and rough road financially, we can’t afford to do this all.  My husband and I have been struggling so much through the economic crisis, diminishing our capabilities to do more for Joseph and the rest of our family.  I’m on my intermittent leave of absence and my husband has been doing temporary work for the last 3 years now.  Living paycheck to paycheck is hard enough and then Joseph’s diagnosis with cancer has really changed our lives making this journey a tremendous hardship for all of us.  But I just keep going to connect to other people, you and the organization gave us hope to move more forward on our journey.  Thank you so much for Joseph’s smile and the confidence you have given us to keep moving on.  This is something you can’t buy – it comes with the experiences and people in your life – God Bless you and the Organization….Thank You for helping us and supporting our family!


Sincerely ,


The Hardys


Agnes, Glady,Harrison and Joseph