A Trip to the Nike Store!

Landon wished for a private shopping spree at the Nike store in Chicago. Thank you to our friends at H&M Limo, Nike and St. Paul Lutheran Church in Aurora, IL for helping us make Landon’s wish come true! We couldn’t have done it without your support!

Here is what Landon’s mom had to say about his special day:

“I just wanted to thank you for giving Landon an amazingly memorable experience for his Cal’s wish. I kept it as a bit of a surprise until the day before as Landon is the type of kiddo who will ask every 3 minutes if it’s time to do xyz. So needless to say when I finally let the car out of the bag, he was thrilled!

Pam, our limo driver arrived early and happily waited as Landon finished breakfast. She had stopped for donuts, milk and juice for us and chatted with Landon the whole way downtown. We got downtown fairly quick and she drove around a bit so Landon could see the sights of Millennium Park. She was happy to meet whenever we were done in the store and gave me her cell phone number to arrange pick up.

Corey, a Nike employee, met us at the doors at 8 on the dot and energetically welcomed us. Ashley, another employee followed. Our experience there was indescribable. Corey and Ashley gifted us with items from Nike, made Landon his very own employee badge, took the time to introduce us to every person in the store and were the best shopping partners I could have ever asked for. Corey chatted all things sports with Landon while we shopped. Ashley happily retrieved any items from the stockrooms he wanted to try on. She took the time to talk to me about how Landon was doing and how I was handling things. It almost felt like spending the day with a friend, not an employee of a store. They all played football in the empty store and held sprinting races every time Landon would try on a new shoe. It was truly fantastic. After our two hour experience was coming to a close, we got to see the staff in their before shift meeting. Landon loved that he was included in everything as well. Corey and another gentleman helped carry our bags out to the limo and I had a happy kid sleep in my lap all the way home.

My house is now filled with more pairs of shoes than I know what to do with! Nike really knocked it out of the park with their service. I never once felt like we were imposing or that they were obligated to spend time with us; they genuinely seemed like they were happy to see us and help in any way they could. They also generously let us use their employee discount on all of the purchases for the day, and for the first time, I didn’t have to say no when he asked for something.

Landon (and myself) had a truly wonderful day and made memories that will never be forgotten.

Thank you for facilitating this in such a short amount of time and for Cal’s Angels being around to provide so much happiness to children like Landon.