Maddex is 4 years old and currently fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).  Maddex wished for a play set in his backyard for the family to enjoy during days at home with his family.  Maddex is a strong boy and enjoying his time on their new play set!

20130811_142326_20 (1)“The play set is amazing, all the kids love it so much and we have already logged hundreds of hours of playtime on it.  As expected, it’s been a rough summer but everyone is in good spirits and the play set has helped tremendously.  I asked Maddex how the play set made him feel he said ‘good, excited, and happy’.  It is so nice to be able to entertain all the kids together without having to risk germs at the park for the days when the counts do not look great.  Plus, my wife and I are getting great exercise fulfilling nonstop requests for pushes on the swings!  Thank you again so much for this generous gift, it has made a real difference for our family during a difficult time.”
Thank you, -The Moskowitz Family 

We are so happy to grant  your wish Maddex!  We hope you and your family enjoy it for many years to come!