12 Days of Christmas Program in Action.

Mary Lew and Tammi are one of our Twelve Days volunteer families and here’s what they had to say about meeting 19 year old Miles and his family.

I cannot fully describe the awesome experience I had along with my step-daughter, Tammi.  We were chosen to deliver Christmas gifts, a gingerbread house and cookies to Miles who has been fighting a brain tumor for three years.  Miles and his 12 year old brother, Leland, were thrilled with their gifts.  We received numerous hugs.  Their family was very warm and friendly.  It was incredible!  Tammi and I left their house feeling unbelievably happy!  Many thanks to the wonderful organization, Cal’s All-Star Angel Foundation, for all they do!

~ Mary Lew

My Step-Mom and I were asked to deliver Christmas gifts to Miles, 19 years old who has a brain tumor and his brother Leland, 12 years old.  Miles and his family welcomed us into their home with much warmth and lots of hugs.  They loved all of their gifts, but most importantly they loved that someone cared!  This experience definitely made an impact on me also.  Life is short, so help those in need and don’t ever be too busy for others.  I’m so glad and proud to have met this family.  Cal’s All-Star Angel Organization is amazing and wonderful!!  They have already made such a difference in so many kids’ lives.


And a note from Miles’ mother came in a couple weeks later –

Dear Tom & Stacey,

Thank you so much for helping my family have a great holiday.  My kids, Miles and Leland, were so happy to have the gifts you gave them and we all loved the fabulous Christmas dinner we purchased with the $150 Jewel gift card.  It really touched me that you were so generous especially to Miles’ younger brother Leland.  As the sibling, he often gets overlooked so it really meat a lot for him to be treated the same as his brother. Your volunteers, Tammi and Mary Lew, were terrific.  We all had a great time chatting, visiting and taking pictures. Miles’ three year (and counting) odyssey has been a struggle for us all.  Organizations like Cal’s Angels really help us get through all the difficulties.

Thank You, Adriene