“On December 11th, Cal’s Angels was able to grant a wish to 6 year old Morgan!  Morgan’s wish, according to her Dad Rob, was a white iPad!  The Maroder family teamed up with Cal’s Angels to grant Morgan’s wish!  Not only did Morgan receive her white iPad, but she also was outfitted with a Purple case (Morgan’s favorite color!), a Crayola Coloring Pen and App (way cool), a few movies, and a 2-year service agreement!  Jamie Evans, from the Best Buy South Elgin store was Morgan’s personal shopper and did an outstanding job making sure Morgan had all she needed, and that the iPad was set up and ready to go before Morgan and Dad left the store! 
Morgan was very quiet when she entered the store, but by the end of our shopping trip – she was smiling, laughing and even made the Maroder family a Thank You card!  It was a wonderful night, and we know Morgan will have a ton of fun with her new iPad and accessories!  According to Morgan’s Dad Rob, in a follow-up email to Cal’s Angels — Morgan didn’t want to put the iPad down to go to bed that night, nor did she want to leave it behind when she went to school the next morning!  That’s what wishes are all about.” –The Maroder Family
And Morgan’s dad added….“I just wanted to thank you from Morgan and myself.  She was so happy and continues to enjoy her new toy.  The family that met us there was so nice.  Morgan got to pick out an iPad, purple case with key board, purple head phones, a coloring pen for the iPad, a few apps, a few movies and some iTune cards.  They even asked Morgan if she wanted to get me something for Christmas – but I declined because I was so happy for what they provided for her already.  I shared Morgan’s story with them and showed them pictures of her journey.Morgan hasn’t put the iPad down and I had to force her off it to go to bed last night and to leave for school.  

I want to thank you and your son (Cal) so much, because of your family so many kids are having a smile brought to their faces and joy to their hearts – that is priceless.

Thank you so much, “

–Robert (Morgan’s Dad)