On October 10, 2011 while  Tom Sutter was at the Cal’s All Star Angel tent cheering on our 40 runners during the Chicago Marathon. Stacey texted Tom to see if he was up to handling a wish on the way home and, of course, he could not say no neither could our board member Taksina Davis and her husband John.

Long story short, we ended up at Kozy’s bike shop about a mile away where we met 3 year old Oliver and his family including 1 year old brother Drake, Father Rafael and mother Tracy.  Oliver has been battling leukemia for over a year and relapsed last October then went through a stem cell transplant this past February.  He is doing well and has decided that for part of his wish he would like a new bike and helmet.  The rest was already financial assistance and gift cards for some new clothes.

Our photos show the smile on his face all because each and every one of our runners took the initiative to do something good for themselves while raising funds to help us keep helping these kids and their families – they should all be very proud of what they have accomplished and feel good about the smiles they have helped put on the faces of so many families like that of Oliver’s!