Local students teamed up with Cal’s Angels to surprise Princess Madison with a birthday gift from the Foundation.  6 year old Madison, who has been fighting leukemia for almost two years, spent the afternoon with Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel, Snow White and Belle having tea parties, singing, dancing and taking lots of pictures.  Snow White could not say enough about the visit, “It was such a fun visit!  Madison was so excited and it was an absolute joy to bring a smile to her face.  It’s such a blessing to be able to travel around with my fellow princesses making children, like Madison, happy!”

Madison’s favorite princess was Rapunzel, she even changed into her matching dress.  Rapunzel was honored by all the attention of this spunky 6 year old, she was so “appreciative of having us spend time with her.” Madison even gave Rapunzel a special bow to add to her flowers in her hair.

Cinderella said, “Madison is one very polite little girl insisting that she cleaned up after the tea party and making sure all the guests had forks for the birthday cupcakes.”  Ariel commented on the day by saying, “Princess Madison was a great dancer!  She taught all of us princesses how to do the dance of her kingdom, the Chicken Dance!”  The highlight of the afternoon was when she received her number one birthday wish from Cal’s Angels – her very own iPad!  She immediately started taking pictures of all the princesses.

 Click here to watch a short video of the visit.