One of our families that granted a full wish at the golf outing this year took advantage of handling the wish with the recipient family from start to finish. The parents had their daughters write down some of their thoughts regarding their visit with Sabrina and her mom a couple weekends ago and if you’re ever on the fence about whether this is something for you and your kids to do together, read mom’s intro and then on to see what Emily and Katie had to say about granting a wish with their parents. 

Becky (Mom)
We knew very little about the young girl before we pulled into the parking spot near her family’s apartment in the NW suburbs. She was just words on a page: Diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia 2 years ago, relapsed this July, no siblings, 5 years old. We’ve all read and heard about kids like her; one a miracle, another a tragedy.

We told the girls that Sabrina was going to be different. We were going to meet her at her house and bring her some presents. Yes, we had to rearrange our day. Yes, we were all going as a family. Yes, it’s possible she won’t be feeling up to a visit. The kids had lots of questions as we made our way up north. I could tell they were nervous. I explained to them that Cal’s Angels had matched us up with her to make her wish come true. I’ll never forget the response. “What do we have to do Mom? What is her wish? Does she want to go to Disney World?” they asked. “No, girls but she does want a bed, complete with Disney princess sheets and comforter.” They were stunned. She could have asked for so many things, but she had asked for something as simple as a bed.

Later, after we had arrived back home, I asked them to write down some of their thoughts:

Emily (13)
My experience with meeting Sabrina and her mother was very life changing. At first, I was so sad to think that a 5 year had to go through that much, but at the same time I was so happy for her. The minute we walked in, Sabrina started to set the table for “the party”. She had picked out cupcakes just for us and her Mom was making some fresh coffee. They invited us in like we were family and we sat down and talked for a while. But when it came to the presents, WOW! was she overjoyed! She looked like she had won the lottery. It felt very good to give her everything she wanted. My favorite part of our visit was that Sabrina was so talkative. She even told us that her favorite Disney princess was Cinderella. I really enjoyed this wonderful visit with one 5 year old girl that was such a charming sweetheart.

Katie (10)
When we arrived Sabrina and her mom had cupcakes set out for us. And Sabrina was setting up napkins all around the table to make sure that if we spilled, it wouldn’t make a mess. They tasted so good and they were GINORMOUS and each one was decorated so beautifully. It was fun to watch her open her presents. She was so excited!! Her mom was too. I felt really excited for Sabrina that we could give her a blessed gift. She was a beautiful girl and was so happy with her life even though she has leukemia. She was a very charming little girl.

We took pictures that day, and whenever we see them, we smile when we remember that sweet little face. We thank Cal’s Angels for the opportunity to connect with this special child and her mother. Sabrina became more than just a name to us that day. She is family, a fighter, our hero.