Twelve Days of Christmas Program in Action for 8 Year Old Shamaria and Her Sisters.

Roger and Susan along with their son Zach are one of our Twelve Days volunteer families and here’s what they had to say about meeting 8 year old Shamaria (in the background of the picture at the right and the pink sweater below) and her sisters who all live with grandma (aka Sugar Mama and/or Gma).  Shamaria has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma and gets dialysis three times per week due to renal failure.

“Just want to say thanks again for allowing us to be a part of the ’12 Days Program.  It was a joy and the highlight of our Christmas this year.  The gifts were requested wrapped for under the tree on Christmas so we didn’t get to see them open them but what a joy it must have been for their Grandma (Sugar Mama they call her) to watch their faces as they opened all the gifts…sure it was such fun!  Sent Shamaria a boom box/Justin Bieber CD…couldn’t resist to hear the excitement for the ‘Bieber’ in their house-so cute.

I’ll give Jean a call to check in and say ‘hello’ and see how Shamaria is doing…as Jean shared that they were waiting to see if she needed to go in for a transfusion.

Thanks so much for what you and Tom do…for the ’12 days’ and throughout the year for the kids and their families.  A personal thanks for blessing us this year and allowing us the privilege to meet with the Mack family and Shamaria.  It really touched our hearts and we’re so grateful.  As I shared with you after the loss of my Dad in January to esophageal cancer – this was especially ‘special’ to me, and I am very appreciative.

When I asked Zach for his thoughts about meeting Shamaria and the rest of the Mack family:

“It was fun to help them out.  It felt good to help them out after meeting them.  I felt like that’s all I really wanted for Christmas…because they deserve the presents more than us…for all they’ve been through.  I would help again, because I felt that I was helping out for a great cause.”

Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

Susan Grygier

Then in a follow up e-mail on the 29th Susan wrote –

Just talked to Jean (Gma) this morning.  She said ‘thank you again’….girls are still opening gifts and she is ‘organizing’.  Bit of a scare yesterday with Shamaria-her blood pressure shot up again…but things seem to settle and she is doin’ good.  We are hopeful to keep in touch with Gma throughout the year….