The Hoepner Family met Hannah Mule at Best Buy to grant her wish of owning a camera to help develop her photography passion and skills.  Hannah picked out a Nikon V1 and spent a 1/2 hour with the Hoepner Family, opening up about her battle with cancer and sharing her strength.


HannahWishRich Hoepner was very touched by the experience and shared some details on how Hannah has touched their lives forever.

“Today my wife Lara and I met with Hannah and her father, Jonathan.  Hannah was so excited to receive her wish from Cal’s Angels, and her strength made it so easy for us to interact.  She wanted a camera, something to grow with, and something that would help to developer her photography skills, she led us straight to a Nikon V1.  The thing that struck me about Hannah was her openness and modesty, she spoke about her cancer and shared the difficulty, the pain, the drugs, and the experience in such a way that I admired her for her bravery.  The highlight of the day was when Hannah shared her recent experience meeting Justin Bieber, I related to Hannah because my own son loves Justin Bieber, and when we showed Hannah a picture of our 4 year old dressed like Justin for Halloween, she let out a great laugh.  It’s amazing the joy 30 minutes with a total stranger in a Best Buy can bring.  I will think of Hannah often, and most certainly whenever I hear Justin Bieber.  I hope her camera brings her many happy memories, and serves her well in the years to come.  Thank God for Hannah, and I hope that I will see her soon.”

-Rich Hoepner

Thank you Lara and Rich!