A Shopping Spree!

9 year old Zyon wished for a new bike and gift cards for a shopping spree. This gave her some distraction from fighting Lymphoma.

“Here is Zyon with her t-shirt, bike and items that she purchased during her shopping spree. This really made her day to go shopping as she was recently told her cancer had returned in her kidneys, so it helped to take her mind off of having to return to the hospital for additional treatment. However, the best news happened as we were out shopping. The doctor called and reported the results from her biopsy had returned and the findings showed the legions were non cancerous!! This was the best news we received in the last 6 months!! Thanks again to Cal’s Angels for putting a huge smile on Zyon’s face, and giving her a moment of normalcy again despite what we thought was another battle to fight!! Zyon is thrilled to be on the road to recovery, and so is her entire family!!! God bless you all!!”

Kind Regards,

Tiffany and Zyon