Waterpark Wishes! Declan is almost 2 years old and fighting ALL. He wished for a fun weekend away with his family at a waterpark. "Thank you so much for a lovely weekend [...]


Happiness Delivered to the Hospital! Johnny wished for a Play Station Virtual Reality Gaming System. With your support we were able to grant his wish! Jessica from Lurie's said: "We received Johnny's [...]


A Wish Full of Disney! Sadie's wish was to go the Disneyland!! "I want to extend our utmost appreciation and Thank you for all you did to make Sadie’s Disneyland Wish come [...]


A New Swing Set is Always Good! Colton wished for a swing set for him and his brother Beau to play on and enjoy. "Thank you so much for gifting Colton a [...]


A Custom Outdoor Play Area! Dominic wished for a backyard fun and learning play area and Cal's Angels delivered! He was so excited to get outside and play. His mom said: "It’s [...]


Jumping and Happy! Alex wished for a birthday party at Jump Zone with his family and friends. "Alex had a blast at his party he got to see a lot of his [...]


A Trip to the Nike Store! Landon wished for a private shopping spree at the Nike store in Chicago. Thank you to our friends at H&M Limo, Nike and St. Paul Lutheran [...]


An iPad for Izzy! Izzy is 2 years old and from Batavia, Illinois. She wished for an iPad to help pass the time during chemo. Cal's Angels was happy to provide her [...]


A New Camera for Sweet Ava! Ava wished for a Canon PowerShot G5 X Digital Camera.  Her mom said: "Ava was super excited when she found out her Cal's wish had arrived!!! [...]


A Super 6th Birthday Party! After enduring three years of treatment for her inoperable brain tumor, Sophia's family wanted to make her 6th birthday super special to celebrate how far she has [...]


A Wish for an Electronic Piano! MaKenna wished for a Piano. Her mom let us know how she is loving it. "I wanted to let you know how thankful we continue to [...]


A Playset for Years to Come! Paxton was still just a little 5 month old when we got the playset. It's now assembled and Pax (14 mos old) LOVES playing on it!!! [...]


A New Big TV! Victor wished for a "Big TV" to watch his shows and play video games on. His mom fills us in on the first day with the TV here: "Cal's [...]


Building A Dream Computer! William wished for gift cards to build his very own gaming computer. Here what his dad had to say about his wish: "William was able to build his [...]


Fun at the Waterpark! River's wish was to go to a water park with his friends and family. His parents posted amazing photos of their trip on Facebook. It looks like a [...]


A Wish Full of FUN! Noah wished for a new bunk bed, a trampoline and some fun games to play with his friends and brothers. "Cal’s Angels provided our family with amazing [...]



Video Games & Legos! 8 year old Damian wished for a Playstation 4 with games to play with his brothers. He also requested Lego sets for his brothers. What a sweet boy [...]


A Christmas Weekend Away! With your help Cal's Angels was able to grant 2 year old Olivia her wish for a Christmas getaway weekend with her family to an indoor waterpark. "We [...]


An Apple A Day... Jackson wished for a shopping spree where he was able to purchase a MacBook Pro. He is fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and needed a little distraction during treatments. [...]


A New iPad Is The Best Wish! Seven year old Briana is fighting Osteosarcoma. She wished for a new iPad. With your help, Cal's Angels was able to grant her wish! "Please [...]


A Family Trip to Disney! Jacob, wished for assistance with his family's trip to Disney World. "Wanted to thank you all so much for tickets to Disney and some spending money for [...]


A Big Smile from Nicholas! Nicholas wished for an ipad to help pass the time during treatments. "Thanks for the iPad Cal's Angels!!! Nicholas loves it!!" - Jennifer, Nicholas's Mom


A Magic Day! 4 year old Gabriel wished to to go Disney World! Cal's Angels contributed towards his trip to the Magic Kingdom. He had the best time and his smile shows [...]


A New iPad Always Helps! Jovan, age 13, is courageously battling brain cancer. He wished for an ipad to take with to treatments to pass the time and to also keep up [...]


The Best Prom Ever! 17 year old Olivia needed a break from fighting Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She wished for gift cards to use on making her prom extra special. "Here is a picture [...]


College Bound! Lauryn is 18 and ready for college. She is battling Leukemia and wished for a Mac Book to help her with school. Her mom was very thankful: "I just wanted [...]


A Special Day at American Girl! Scarlett wished to have a day at the American Girl Doll Store with her big sister, Audrey. At only 2 1/2 years old and battling Neuroblastoma, [...]


So Grateful for A New Computer! Quinn is 12 and fighting Leukemia. He was so grateful to receive a new computer, here what he had to say: "Thank you so much for [...]


Family Time is the Best Time! Savannah is 8 and she wished for assistance with bringing her Grandma, PePaw, Uncle, Aunt and cousins to Illinois from Arkansas. She wanted some long awaited [...]


Disney World Fun! Two and a half year old Emma is battling Rhabdomyo Sarcoma and she had one wish, to go to Disney World with her family. "Emma got a special package [...]


A Larger iPad = Smiles! 6 year old Norman is battling Leukemia and he wished for a new 12" ipad to help pass the time during his treatments. "Thank you! Norman is [...]


A Shopping Spree! 9 year old Zyon wished for a new bike and gift cards for a shopping spree. This gave her some distraction from fighting Lymphoma. "Here is Zyon with her [...]


An iPad & A Bell Ring! 6 year old Jamela battled an Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor. She wished for an ipad. We are proud to say that Jamela recently rang the bell [...]


An Amazing Florida Vacation! 5 year old Elijah wished to go on a family vacation to the beach! Cal's was happy to help his family with their vacation rental in sunny Florida. [...]


An XBOX 360! Jimmy wished for an ipad and a Xbox360 game system to entertain him since he is not always feeling well enough to go outside and play. Cal's made that [...]


Dominic Loves It! Dominic, age 10, wished for an ipad to keep in touch with his friends, play games and to watch videos. "He loves it!!!!" - Jodi, Dominic's Mom


A Puppy is the Best! 3 year old Mackenzie wished for a puppy and Cal's made that happen! From her mom: Mackenzie's "Beau" has arrived. Thank you to Cal's Angels for granting [...]


Country Thunder Fun! Samantha, Age 17, wished for tickets to Country Thunder for her and a friend. Cal's Angels was able to send Samantha wristbands for Country Thunder, helped pay for her [...]


A Wish to Swing About! Vivian wished for a new swing set to play on with friends and family.  We can tell that she sure does enjoy being outside to enjoy it! [...]

Elliot “Ellie”

The Magic of Disney! One and a half year old Ellie is battling Rhabdomyosarcoma and just wanted to go to Disney World with her family. "With the help of a generous gift [...]


Making Music! 14 year old Krzysztof is fighting Hodgkins Lymphoma. He wished for a digital grand piano and Cal's was able to make that dream come true. We can only imagine the [...]


Kalahari for Kale! Two and a half year old Kale wanted a trip to Kalahari with his family. Cal's Angels made that wish come true and he couldn't have been happier! "Our [...]


Legos for Thomas! Thomas wished for some Legos building sets. He also wished for his sister, Abby, to get a Yukalaylee and his brothers Jacob and Nathan to get some gifts too. [...]


Christmas in July! 12 year old Frank, passed away before he had chosen a wish. Cal's Angels honored Frank's memory by supporting his family on their trip to the Ronald McDonald House [...]


A Dream = The Musical Hamilton 15 Year old Teagan is part of the drama club at her school and has been performing in musicals since she was 12 years old. Her [...]


Nothing Better Than a New iPad!! 14 year old Josiah wished for an iPad Pro so he can keep up on his homework. He is fighting Primary Mediastinal B-Cell Lymphoma and a new [...]


Technology is a Dream Come True! Caleb is fighting Lymphoma and wished for an ipad and a pair of Beats to help with his homework and to talk with his friends. Technology [...]


A Brand New Bed for Sweet Dreams! Julieta, age 7, has been battling Rhabdomyosarcoma since the Fall of 2016. Julieta wished for a new white fancy big bed and mattress set to [...]


A Sweet Playroom for a Sweet Girl! Brooklyn is a 3 year old rockstar battling Wilms Tumor. Her wish was simple, a playroom for her and her siblings to enjoy together and forget [...]

John Harry

A Magical Birthday! 10 year old John Harry's wish was for a magician and caricature artist at his birthday party. John Harry had the best time which shows in that huge smile! [...]


A "Private Screening" of Moana! Mia wished for a "private screening" of Moana for hers and her twin sister, Dani's 9th birthday party. Cal's Angels rented out the whole theatre for Mia, [...]


A Sweet Pet for Summer! Summer is battling Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia and wanted one wish... Her wish was to have a white, fluffy puppy to bring comfort and joy during a difficult time. [...]


A Princess Party! For her fourth birthday Jane wished for a Princess Birthday Party, a Wii U and an ipad mini. With your help we were able to make this little pricess' [...]

Damian’s Wish

Bringing Smiles! Damian wished for a Surface Pro laptop computer, he enjoys being able to use it during his treatments.  His mom said he has been thrilled with his gift/wish. He brought [...]

Nate’s Wish

An iPad and a Smile! Nate is 13 and battling Ewing Sarcoma. He wished for an ipad and some gaming gift cards. A note from Nate's Mom: "Nate and our entire family [...]

Cristano’s Wish

ROLLING OUT WISHES! Granting Wishes is where it all started and continues to bring us as much joy as the recipients. Christano, age 7, has Meduloblastoma. He has been using a specialized [...]

Hannah’s Wish

Meet Hannah, she is 11 years old and fighting a Wilms Tumor. She wished to meet Tony Romo, thanks to some help from dedicated supporters Matt and Mary Metz, we were able to [...]

Kayden’s Wish

Meet Kayden, he is 6 years old and fighting Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. He wished to go to the Cubs game with his family. We were so happy to grant his wish and we made [...]

Guiliana’s Wish

Meet Guiliana Guiliana is 3-years-old and fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She wished for a play set in their backyard to so that she could swing and play with her brother and sister. "Thank you very [...]

Brendan’s Wish

Meet Brendan Brendan is 9-years-old and fighting Medulloblastoma. He wished to go to the Wisconsin Dells with his family for a weekend. We are so glad to hear you had a great weekend Brendan! "We just [...]

Jonah’s Wish

Meet Jonah Meet 5-year-old Jonah, he is fighting Medulloblastoma and wished for a creative mobility bike so that he could ride with his family. We were so happy to grant your wish Jonah! "Before his diagnosis, [...]

Jase’s Wish

Meet Jase, he is 2 years old and fighting neuroblastoma. He wished to have a play-set in backyard. We are so glad to see you are enjoying the swings Jase!

Chase’s Wish

Chase's Wish Story Meet Chase, he is 2 years old and fighting Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis. Chase and his family wished to go to the Dells for a weekend. We sent them to [...]

Hannah’s VIP Wish

Experience Hannah's Wish Meet 4-year-old Hannah, she wished to go to the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival Parade. Thanks to the help of BMO Harris Bank, Hannah and her family were VIPs for the day! Click [...]

Candice’s Birthday Wish

Candice wished for a Wii U. Her wish was delivered on her birthday, along with a cake and balloons!

iPad Wish for Mason

Mason, 7 years old, participated in our Fund-a-Wish program at our Gala and was delivered his wish!

Puppy in Becca’s Memory

Becca wished for a puppy because of how much she enjoyed Pet Therapy throughout her treatments.

Abby’s American Girl Wish

Abby wished for a shopping spree at the American Girl Store!

Noah’s iPad Wish

Sweet, 3 year old Noah, wished for two iPads so that his sister could be included in on his wish!

LeeAnne's Wish

Meet LeeAnne, she is 15 years old and currently fighting ALL Leukemia. LeeAnne's wished to meet her favorite author Veronica Roth, author of Divergent, and the NUMBER ONE MOVIE. LeeAnne was able to have dinner [...]

Aiden's Wish for a Train Table

Meet sweet Aiden, he is 2 years old fighting Leukemia. He wished for a Thomas the Train table and some big trucks! He loves his new trains and trucks and looks forward to coming home [...]

Maddex's Wish for a Backyard Play Set

Maddex is 4 years old and currently fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).  Maddex wished for a play set in his backyard for the family to enjoy during days at home with his family.  Maddex is [...]

Carly's Wish – One Direction Concert

Carly and her friends getting ready for One Direction! 17 year old Carly is currently fighting lymphoma from a heart transplant she received at 2 months old.  She has an amazing spirit and [...]

Thomas' Wish Granted!

Thomas (7 years old) was diagnosed with Lymphoma in April of this year and wished to have a fun night out at a Blue Man Group.  We are so glad he and his family were [...]

Joseph's Wish Granted!

Joseph is a fighter! He has been fighting Neutropenia since he was diagnosed at 17 months old, he was then diagnosed with MDS in December 2012 at the age of 13.  It's been a long [...]

Maya's Wish at Trump Tower Chicago!

Maya wished to have her New Year's Eve celebration in downtown Chicago. We granted her wish with a luxurious stay at the Trump Tower in Chicago! "We wanted to take a minute to let you [...]

Piper's Wish Granted!

Piper's wished for a vegetable garden in her backyard to grow fresh veggies for her family.  On Saturday, May 11th, her wish was granted! Piper's Mom said, "Saturday was AWESOME!!!!! Piper had a fantastic afternoon helping [...]

The Hoepner Family Grants Hannah's Wish!

The Hoepner Family met Hannah Mule at Best Buy to grant her wish of owning a camera to help develop her photography passion and skills.  Hannah picked out a Nikon V1 and spent a 1/2 [...]

Matthew's Wish is Granted

"Another year another wish granted. Just wanted to thank Cal's Angels for giving us the opportunity to truly embrace the meaning of the Christmas season. This is our second year participating in the Fund-A-Wish program.  We [...]

Morgan's Wish Is Granted

"On December 11th, Cal's Angels was able to grant a wish to 6 year old Morgan!  Morgan's wish, according to her Dad Rob, was a white iPad!  The Maroder family teamed up with Cal's Angels [...]

Alyson's Wish Is Granted

"We have attended the Cal's Angels auction dinner for years.  This past June we decided to bid on the "Fund-A-Wish" during the live auction.  For $750 we were able to make a child's (with cancer) [...]

Carly's Wish

17 year old Carly has been battling Lymphoma for over a year and her number one wish was to go to the Bears - Panthers game on October 28th. Thanks to several friends of Cal's [...]

Katie's Wish Granted….

"My family had the honor of meeting a beautiful thirteen year old girl and her precious family this Saturday!  We sponsored her through Cal's Angels and went to her home to bring her a Nikon [...]

Princess Madison Gets Her Wish Granted By The Disney Princesses

Local students teamed up with Cal's Angels to surprise Princess Madison with a birthday gift from the Foundation.  6 year old Madison, who has been fighting leukemia for almost two years, spent the afternoon with Cinderella, [...]

Griffin's Wish

Another wish granted - THANK YOU Joan Kelley for being our wish granter and, of course, an awesome friend - plus a big THANK YOU to our friends at Best Buy for kicking in the [...]


2 1/2 year old Mimi has been battling leukemia since last November and all she could think about was getting that swing set - thanks to all of the awesome friends that attend our events [...]

6 Year Old Destiny Gets Her iPad

When we heard about Cal’s Angles several months ago, it sounded like a great organization to donate to.  As a family, we decided to make a donation for the golf event in June.  Last week, [...]

Joseph Gets His Wish Granted

  Joseph had been battling leukemia for over a year when one of our "Fund-A-Wish" families from last year's Dinner, Auction & Golf Event took him and his family to Best Buy for one of Best Buy's [...]

10 Year Old Ernest Gets His Wish Granted

The decision to pledge money to grant a wish to a child with cancer was easy.  The decision of who to grant it to was hard as there were so many children who needed it.  Our [...]

Gustavo Wish

GRATITUDE.....Such a simple word which has such a powerful emotion attached to it.  It is a word I carry with me everyday since having the amazing opportunity of being involved in the Twelve Days of [...]

Miles' Wish

12 Days of Christmas Program in Action. Mary Lew and Tammi are one of our Twelve Days volunteer families and here’s what they had to say about meeting 19 year old Miles and his family. I [...]

Aidee's Wish

My family and I had a very enjoyable time meeting 17 year old Aidee who is battling Stage 3A Lymphoma.  She recently relapsed and was getting ready for a stem cell transplant which began last Tuesday.  We did [...]

Shamaria's Wish

Twelve Days of Christmas Program in Action for 8 Year Old Shamaria and Her Sisters. Roger and Susan along with their son Zach are one of our Twelve Days volunteer families and here’s what they had to say [...]

Bejian's Wish

The Twelve Days of Christmas Program in Action. I hope to visit this family again and if you ever get the chance to do something like this, anything like this, do it!  You will not [...]

Stephanie's Wish

Hopp Accounting & Tax Service recently supported Cal’s All-Star Angel Foundation’s “Fund A Wish” program by donating $750 at the Annual Dinner, Auction & Golf Event earlier this year.  The result was a shopping spree [...]

Sabrina's Wish

One of our families that granted a full wish at the golf outing this year took advantage of handling the wish with the recipient family from start to finish. The parents had their daughters write [...]

Thank you Cals Angels – From Dominic's Family

Earlier this year Dominic lost his battle with lymphoma at the much too young age of 8.  In order to help his mom, dad and brother get away from it all and do something fun [...]

Oliver's Wish

On October 10, 2011 while  Tom Sutter was at the Cal's All Star Angel tent cheering on our 40 runners during the Chicago Marathon. Stacey texted Tom to see if he was up to handling a wish on the way [...]