Tom Sutter

Tom Sutter

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Tom Sutter is Cal's father, co-founder of Cal's Angels, and a multi-faceted professional – the fun job that pays the heart and soul through Cal's Angels, the serious job that pays the bills at Crum-Halsted and a published author, inspirational speaker and travel guide to success in business and sales.

It was the long days and interactions with the other pediatric cancer families while Cal was an inpatient at the old Children's Memorial Hospital that motivated Tom to want to carry on Cal's legacy of thinking about others first and helping these families get through the horrible nightmare of childhood cancer.

At Crum-Halsted Insurance, Tom is the Vice President of Sales & Business Development which involves the recruiting, training and development of commercial insurance and employee benefits producers while maintaining and growing his own book of insurance business.  After learning what helping others without thinking of yourself first does not just for himself but everyone involved, he transformed the way he does business by handling the needs of his clients in that same manner.

Tom earned his Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Minors in Computer Science and Finance from Northern Illinois University.  Besides hanging with his family, working out and playing hard after working hard, Tom especially enjoys the smiles that are put on the faces of these young cancer fighters through the efforts of the Cal's Angels' team.  Tom will be the first to tell that while it'll never be easy, the accomplishments of Cal's Angels does make it easier to deal with the loss of Cal.

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