THANK YOU to all of our friends, family, supporters, donors and volunteers!  95 cents of every dollar goes directly to the cause. We are proud of the tight ship we run. Since our founding on April 10, 2007 each and every one of you has helped us raise over $750,000! This has allowed us to grant the wishes of or financially assist the families of well over 100 children battling leukemia, expand services to also include children battling lymphoma, take care of the Christmas shopping and dinner for 22 terminally ill children, their 48 siblings and families, provide 11 teen survivors of all forms of cancer with a once in a lifetime awesome outdoor adventure camp, supply the hospitals and Ronald McDonald House with over a thousand Wii, PS2, PS3, XBOX 360 games and consoles, DVD movies, arts, crafts, games and supplies, support United Airlines’ employees and their Operation North Pole Program with over $12,500 in Christmas gifts for terminally and critically ill children, invest in the futures of 8 young college-bound men, assist the local Little League and players all the while being the first organization to commit $200,000 to the Heroes for Life Community Partners Program at the new Children’s Memorial Hospital slated to open in 2012.

Heroes for Life Community Partnership

We have exciting news that would have never been made possible without all of you who have participated in our events, donated to our programs or volunteered to make everything we do as successful as possible.  If you recall, in all of our letters and campaigns we have been talking about being fortunate enough to have been able to set aside $100,000 to fund the “playroom of all playrooms” on the oncology floor at the new Lurie Children’s Memorial Hospital scheduled to open in 2012.  Turns out that due to generous donors who have covered the cost of the electronics and furniture in the playrooms on all 23 floors of the new hospital the need has been moved to other areas and we are very honored by the fact that Cal’s Angels is the very first non-profit organization to support the Heroes for Life Community Partnership initiative.

The downloads below go into greater detail but, in short, Chicago institutions such as the Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium, Museum of Science & Industry, etc. are each partnering on one floor of the new hospital and designating their time and resources to designing healing environments for the hallways, lobbies, playrooms and patient care floors.  Local non-profit organizations that uphold the highest standards and represent the ideals of Children’s Memorial are then asked to provide the funding needed to complete the Partnership Initiative.  Children’s Museum of Chicago has donated their time to propose concepts for the 17th floor which is the inpatient floor for hematology, oncology and stem cell transplant patients.  Since we already had the $100,000 set aside, Cal’s Angels has committed this entire amount to become the first donor to commit to the Program.  While the greatest accomplishment is that this helps build a great medical facility for children right here in our backyard, it also guarantees that the 17th floor will carry the Cal’s All-Star Angel Foundation name and puts the Foundation into a level we only dreamed about.  In addition to the 17th floor itself, we have also committed to keeping the playrooms on the 17th and 18th floors up to date with games, electronics and other items not yet realized.  The 18th floor contains the Day Hospital which takes care of the 17th floor patients on an outpatient basis once they are discharged.  Other partnerships include Kerry and Sarah Wood who have funded the actual four walls of the 17th floor playroom, the Chicago White Sox and other large organizations we will automatically become partners with bringing a whole new level of public awareness to Cal’s Angels.

Breaking News:  As of July 2011 we finalized the deal securing the entire 18th floor for Cal’s Angels recognizing us on 2 of the 23 floors at one of the most renowned medical care centers in the world!  Read the articles and letters below the photo shows for more information.