W.A.R. on Wheels (WOW)

The WOW cycle team began with a team of 3 small business owners that want to bike 2,499-miles across the country to raise awareness and $2,499,000 in funds to support our mission to help kids fighting cancer. From April to June, the WOW team will bike from Los Angeles to Chicago along the historic US Route 66. Every dollar donated will allow us to help kids fighting cancer through wishes, awareness, and research.

To support the riders, sponsor their ride or make a contribution per mile! To join their ride as they pass through your town on Route 66 email sammy@sammysbikes.com.


Cal’s Angels, a St. Charles based 501c3 pediatric cancer foundation, is close to the hearts of all the riders. Cal’s Angels was founded in 2007 after Cal Sutter lost his battle with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. Cal always cared about others before himself and his kindness was the inspiration behind the foundation’s mission to grant wishes, raise awareness, and fund research to help kids fighting cancer.

The Team will begin in Santa Monica on Sunday, April 28th.

Check back soon for an interactive map of their ride!


Diamond Jersey – $50,000

Emerald Jersey – $25,000

Saphire Jersey – $20,000

Ruby Jersey – $15,000

Pearl Jersey – $10,000

Onyx Jersey – $5,000

Per-Mile Pledge

$1.00 per mile ($2,499)

50 cents per mile ($1,250)

25 cents per mile ($725)

10 cents per mile ($250)

5 cents per mile ($125)




Sunday, June 2nd – 1:00pm at Mount St. Mary Park in St. Charles

WOW Ride Guide – Coming Soon!


Glen Galloway

Born in Chicago and growing up in the working-class suburb of Elk Grove Village, Glen learned that hard work and an ethical approach will help overcome any challenge. One of Glen’s favorite quotes is from his Father, “Sometimes you have to plow your own field.” And after 15 years of success in technical sales for a leading power equipment company, Glen did exactly that.

In 1999 he cashed in his entire nest egg and purchased Bema Incorporated, a well-known, but struggling flexible packaging company. In the first 10 years, Glen transformed Bema from a commodity product provider to a leader in quality and packaging innovation. In the next 10 years, Bema’s growth led to hundreds of new jobs and a reputation in the industry as the “benchmark for how it’s done.”

Glen’s inherent commitment to the community has followed him throughout his life. Both before and after his business grew, Glen contributed whatever he could to help people help themselves.

In 2006, Glen was lucky enough to marry Debra Frahm who “strongly encouraged” Glen to take up biking. For Glen, biking has become more than a passion, it is a way of life, and now a means to help kids with cancer. “It is great to write a check for the Cal’s Angels kids,” says Glen, “now let’s see if we can back that up by leaving some blood, sweat, and tears on the road!” 

Curt Hurst

Curt was born into a large “Texas-sized” family in the refinery town of Port Arthur. After working through high school with an eye on going to Texas A&M, Curt still needed to find a way to fund his college education. Curt saw an opportunity to serve and at the same time, earn his way through college. After 5 years as a Navy Corpsman, Curt graduated from Texas A&M in 1984.

Curt spent some time succeeding where very few had – in the savings and loan business. He saw first-hand how some bad actors can impact people’s lives. Because of this he left that industry and started his own home building company with a focus on building quality homes with integrity. With the help of Anna, his wife of 32 years, Curt worked multiple jobs, built his business and together they raised 3 kids.

The business became so successful that it was acquired by Lennar, one of the country’s largest home builders. Lennar recognized his talents and kept Curt on to manage their entire Chicago division. Through business and personal relationships in the Chicago area, Curt learned to give back and adopted a philanthropic approach to life and business “My father was a warrior, fighting Parkinson’s for much longer than the Doctor’s predicted.” Stated Curt, “He inspired me to stay healthy. Now we can do something to help the kids and their families fight the war on cancer.”

Sammy Radi

Sammy Radi was born in Jerusalem where cycling was taught to him by his father at a very young age. Cycling has always been a huge passion for Sammy. In 1982, Sammy moved to the US to continue his college degree but his love for cycling never faded. In 1987 Sammy opened his first family bike shop in Wheaton, IL.

For 20 years, Sammy would teach the art of cycling to all his customers ensuring they all left with the same joy he feels when riding a bike. “There is something about cycling where it makes such an improvement in your health, not just physically but mentally as well. It truly touches your mind, body, and soul in the most amazing way”.

In 2007 Sammy opened Sammy’s Bikes in St. Charles, IL. Sammy found that cycling is not only a great sport, but also help others in need, through charity rides, donations or biking events. Throughout his life, Sammy has focused on using cycling to help others. Some of his most recent charitable rides have included BikethePike, BikeMS, and MadiStrong.

A dream that Sammy has had for some time now is to be a part of a cross-country ride for charity. By teaming up with Cal’s Angels, Sammy is able to fulfill that dream as use biking as a way to help children fight their battle with cancer. “If you can help someone through pedaling well… nothing beats that.”

Randy Sutton

Randy Sutton was born in 1956 and raised as a third generation Arizonan. Early in his schooling Randy showed an aptitude for engineering and drafting. In high school he recognized that Arizona was growing fast and needed energy. Randy didn’t waste any time and started his career right out of high school as a draftsman in the burgeoning energy industry.

In 1980 Randy saw an opportunity to use his technical expertise to help a new company grow. He took a position as a Sales Engineer at Young Power Equipment. As the company grew so did Randy’s responsibility. Ultimately Randy acquired the company and has been its leader as President since 1996.

Randy is quick to point out that his success in life is in large part due to his incredible wife Connie. Randy and Connie have four successful children and four beautiful grandchildren. “My husband will say just about anything to get a rise out of people.” Connie stated. “But when cycling he seems much quieter. So we keep him on the bike!”

Randy is involved with helping kids overcome asthma as a board member for Team Winded; a junior road race cycling team. “The WAR on Wheels ride will be something special,” says Randy. “Every dollar we bring in can make a big difference for these families.”